Lori Timesheets

by Haulmont
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  • Version prise en charge v6.3-6.6
  • Licence Apache 2.0
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Lori Timesheets is an open-source CUBA based application allowing you to control and manage the most valuable asset in your company - employees' time. The application is used at Haulmont, so we were adamant to make it as convenient as possible.

  • Easily record and track working activities
  • Manage submission of timesheets by employees
  • Build reports and analyze efficiency
  • Use the power of CUBA Platform to tailor the system to your needs


  • Convenient management of clients, projects, tasks and assignments
  • Ultra fast timesheets submission via command line with prompts
  • Calendar and table views
  • Tags
  • Overtime and holiday hours highlights
  • Timesheets approval process
  • Access control
  • LDAP integration

The software is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. The source code is available on GitHub.

Free download
User Guide

You can download and use the application without limitations, but Premium Add-ons license may be required if you want to modify or develop on top of Lori Timesheets.